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Introducing  The NMX_TAC202 Thermal Access Camera

Thermal Recognition Camera Reading Body Temperature

  • Face Mask Detection
  • Programmable Facial Recognition Capability
  • Perfect for Rapid Deployment @ Multiple Access Points
  • Flexible, Scalable & Cost-Effective
  • Linux OS System for added Security

Control Access to your Workplace

  •  Facial recognition for authorised staff and contractors
  • Temperature verification.
  • Record access
  • Easy to set-up
  • Standard Weigand interface
  • Cost effective scalable solution
  • No need for elaborate gantry systems
  • Integrates with existing facility access systems


1. What is required to enable the system to function?
Connect Power (12VDC), standard power supply included.

2. How easy is it to set up?
Upon removal from the box the unit is configured to work immediately at a pre-set temperature and warn if the measured temperature exceeds this setting.

3. What hardware will I need to install?
The unit comes with a wall bracket, alternatively you can purchase a floor display unit to mount the camera. This will allow for easy testing in various locations and help you understand what locations will work best for your business needs.

4. How do I make changes to the system?
Communication is via an Internet Explorer web interface when connected to your PC or network via a LAN cable. This is password protected.

5. What does this software allow me to do?
Here you can turn on / off face mask detection, change the temperature range, configure alarm output, take pictures of authorised employees for controlled access, set up access time and schedules, log all information of individuals that have access to the building.

6. What about data protection, can anyone access the camera?
No, to access the camera a person must be on the same network, have the specific IP address and the password.

7. How do I add faces to the camera?
When you are connected, enter the relevant information, ask the person to stand in front of the camera, it will snap the image and store it with any ID or information that you have added.

8. Is it touch screen?
No - it is not touch screen.

9. Can I use it out doors?
If using outside a building we recommend that it is in an access booth or large secure porch with consistent lighting and not exposed to wind, rain and large temperature fluctuations that could impact accuracy.

10. Can I connect to my building access system?
Yes. The camera supports industry standard Wiegand protocol for communications but we would recommend that an installation of this nature is carried out by your
preferred vendor or a specialist 3rd party integrator.